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  • Alleviate the most common source of suffering in 21st century men, the lovelife
  • Develop a naturally attractive personality
  • Develop sexual confidence to lead an interaction spontaneously to and through intimacy
  • Understand how to calibrate your game to the culture of the girl/woman
  • Know how to build true love with a girl/woman once you have been intimate with her

Why train with Love Dynamics

Learn why you should train with Love Dynamics.

Lovelife Architecture Curriculum

Transform your lovelife by becoming the type of person that naturally attracts the opposite sex by developing an attraction-inducing personality. Develop the skills to also lead the interaction towards and through intimacy in order to begin an amazingly passionate relationship.

Book I: The Secret of the Game

Part I: How to Become Successful in Any Aspect of Life

Chapter 1: Reality, Logic, Algorithms & Intelligence

Part II: The Secret of the Game: Status Intelligence

Chapter 2: What is The Secret of the Game? Status Intelligence & Why is It Important

Chapter 3: The Field of Lovelife Architecture

Chapter 4: The Modern Form of Power & Control (S&R Value) and Thus the Trigger to the Mate Selection Mechanism in Women

Chapter 5: The Attraction Algorithm (Push Pull Cycle)

Chapter 6: The Status Intelligent Operating System

Chapter 7: Playfully Mean Sarcastic Humor Mixed with Sexual Confidence

Chapter 8: Arbitrage as the Male’s Purpose Outside of any Particular Girl

Chapter 9: The Attraction & Seduction Personas Integrates Inner Game & Outer Game

Chapter 10: Building the Arbitrage to Flip on Her Mate Selection Mechanism

Part III: Lovelife Architecture

Chapter 11: What is Lovelife Architecture?

Chapter 12: The Major Works of Lovelife Architecture

Chapter 13: What’s Your Outcome?

Chapter 14: The Polarity Model

Chapter 15: The Paradigm Shift Regarding Relationships in the West: From Attachment to Exclusivity to the Concept of an Undefined Interaction

Chapter 16: Her Built-In Advantage & How to Still Win

Chapter 17: The Paradigm Shift Regarding Status

Chapter 18: Market Dominance & Power Dynamics Change with Age

Part IV: Female Psychology Drives Mate Selection (Mate Selection Mechanism)

Chapter 19: Understanding Her Counterintuitive Nature

Chapter 20: The Attraction Meter

Chapter 21: Understanding Human Behavior by Understanding the Ego: Egos in Search of Arbitrage

Chapter 22: Like Attraction, Falling in Love Experience is not a Choice

Part V: Lovelife Markets

Chapter 23: Understanding Her World of Abundance: Attractive Girls Have a Built in Market

Chapter 24: A Paradigm Shift in Thinking Around Relationships

Part VI: Fantasy Lovelife Architecture

Chapter 25: Fantasy Lovelife Architecture

Chapter 26: Most Guys Don't Get It (It Being Status Intelligence)

Part VII: Dating/Relationship Game (ie Polarity Dynamic)

Chapter 27: The Art & Science of Magical Heterosexual Interactions or Relationships

Chapter 28: Architecting the Perfect Polarity Dynamic (The Perfect Interaction)

Chapter 29: Hypersexualizing the Interaction and Bringing Out Her Inner Slut

Part VIII: Building & Running Game

Chapter 30: What is Game?

Chapter 31: Natural Game

Chapter 32: What is Flirting, How to Flirt & the Best Possible Flirt (BPF)

Chapter 33: Attraction & Sexual Confidence (Status Intelligence) are Skills That Can Be Learned and Mastered

Chapter 34: Initial Game Concepts

Chapter 35: The Biggest Paradigm Shift

Chapter 36: Being the Social Initiator

Chapter 37: Polar Charge Framework (A Push Pull Cycle)

Chapter 38: From Polar Charge to Direct Sexuality

Chapter 39: Pacing Emotionality Up to Her Level of Verbalized Investment but No Further

Chapter 40: Keeping It an Undefined Interaction Rather Than a Formal Relationship

Chapter 41: How to Get Into and Stay In Her Alpha Rotation

Chapter 42: The Importance of the SNL

Chapter 43: Good Logistics vs. Bad Logistics

Chapter 44: Being the Fun Guy in Her Life

Chapter 45: Being Unreactive & Teasing Bad or Bratty Behavior

Part IX: Defining Success

Chapter 46: What is Success? Self-Actualizing with the Permanent Arbitrage State

Chapter 47: Ideal Persona Scorecard

Book II: The Transformation

Part I: Where Are Western Men Now?

Chapter 48: The Story of Suffering for Western Men in the 21st Century

Chapter 49: Modern Society Teaches Men to Have Low Status Intelligence

Part II: The Goal: Where Should Men Be?

Chapter 50: The Concept of Ubiquitous Sex & Optionality

Chapter 51: High Status Men vs. Low Status Men

Chapter 52: The High Status Male (the 1%)

Part III: The Transformation: How Do They Get There?

Chapter 53: What is Alpha?

Chapter 54: Alpha Male vs. Beta Male

Chapter 55: The Attractive Male Personality as The Status Intelligent Personality

Chapter 56: Status Humor & Playfully Mean Sarcastic Humor

Chapter 57: Demonstrating Sexual Confidence & Seduction

Chapter 58: Inner Game aka High Status Male Beliefs (the Beliefs of the Top 1%)

Chapter 59: Building a Social Life

Chapter 60: Personality & Status Intelligence as a Skill

Chapter 61: Becoming a Status Intelligent Male

Chapter 62: Mindset & Identity

Chapter 63: Building a Non Needy or Status Intelligent Lifestyle: Building a Lifestyle Where You Are Genuinely Busy Arbitraging

Chapter 64: Becoming Status Aware

Chapter 65: Developing Sexual Expertise: How to Give Her a G Spot Orgasm & Make Her Squirt

Part IV: Demonstrating the Status Intelligent Personality to Attract & Sexual Confidence to Seduce

Chapter 66: Attraction & Seduction Model

Chapter 67: The Emotional Charge & Sexual Confidence Model

Book III: The Transformation

Part I: The Science Between Attraction, Seduction & Love

Chapter 68: The Science Behind Attraction & Love

Chapter 69: Understanding Nature & Deepest Desires

Part II: Culture & Calibration

Chapter 70: Calibrate Your Game to the Culture of the Girl

Chapter 71: The Feminine Personality: How She Gets Her Arbitrage By Winning Over High Status Men with Her Femininity

Chapter 72: Western Model of Dating: Thrill-Seeking Transactional Sex & Status Climbing

Chapter 73: Eastern Model of Dating: Fantasy Girl Architecture & True Love

Chapter 74: Choose the Model of Dating First and then the Girl Second

Book IV: Western Rotation Building Process

Part I: Building a Rotation

Chapter 75: What Does a Proper Rotation Look Like?

Chapter 76: Rotation Building Process

Chapter 77: Pick Up Phase (Pre-Sex Game)

Chapter 78: The Art of Spontaneous Sexy Conversation

Chapter 79: Same Night Sex or Day 2 Sex

Chapter 80: In Rotation Phase (Post-Sex Game)

Chapter 81: The Western Rotation Building Framework

Chapter 82: Rotation Building as the Path of Least Suffering in the West

Chapter 83: Polarity Dynamic in the Undefined Interaction Space

Chapter 84: The Rotation Building Process Mirrors the Polar Charge Framework

Chapter 85: From Rotation to Building a Utopia

Chapter 86: Getting Comfortable with Drama

Book V: The Eastern Fantasy Girl Architecture Process

Part I: Fantasy Girl Architecture

Chapter 86: Fantasy Girl Architecture (Pinnacle of Eastern Dating Style)

Part II: Building a Polarity Dynamic

Chapter 87: What Does a Polarity Dynamic Look Like?

Chapter 88: The Flow of Lovelife Architecture

Part III: Building the Perfect Relationship

Chapter 89: Couple Personas

Chapter 90: Relationship KPIs

Chapter 91: Relationship Intelligence


“Men that know love dynamics fulfill their wildest dreams. Men that do not, encounter limitless suffering.”

- Michael Herlache MBA

Growing up in a single parent household raised by my mother meant that I did not learn love dynamics as a child or young man. As the quote states, men that do not know love dynamics encounter great suffering in their life.

My first serious long-term relationship was with a girl that walked all over me and the only defense I had was the maxim I was taught, “Just be nice” from my mother. Needless to say that this lead to daily suffering in the relationship.

It wasn’t until the winter of 2007, when I met my soon to be mentor that my life would change. James helped me to recover from my ‘nice guy syndrome’ and reprogram me to be an assertive and masculine male.

As my mindset shifted from beta to alpha, my behavior changed as well. I began teasing her frame/bad behavior instead of getting upset by it or reacting to it and this lead to establishing dominance in the interaction and reclaiming my masculinity.

By remasculinizing myself and sexualizing the interaction I introduced the justice concept into the relationship. Her virtue would no longer be assumed onto her but rather had to be earned through good behavior. Bad behavior would no longer be rewarded but would cause me to redirect my focus elsewhere.

As you can imagine this completely altered the dynamic of the relationship and she began to behave like the girl I knew was under her terrible behavior. She began to chase me and we enjoyed an amazing relationship.

Changes like this one are possible if you make the conscious decision to have a growth mindset and commit to learning and mastering the concepts in the book.

The ultimate purpose of this book is to bridge the gap between the academic and the practitioner in order to build a body of applicable knowledge in the field of Love Dynamics.


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Love Dynamics was created to transform the most common point of suffering in a man's life, his lovelife, into a point of abundance, joy and the fulfillment of his inner most fantasies. Love Dynamics does this through book, online trainings and in person workshops.



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